The Owl/ El Buho

The Owl

A nocturnal bird of prey with large forward facing eyes surrounded by facial disks, a hooked beak, and typically a loud call.

Symbolic meaning:

Ancient Wisdom Keeper

Intuition better short eared owl

short eared owl picture from google com


keen observation

Hidden knowledge

Magic of night vision and oracle

Messenger of secrets



(www.universeofsymbolism) (picture from www.whats-your

Madidi National Park

If you are a bird lover and want to watch a real owl, Bolivia’s Madidi National Park is the best place to go. known for its extreme biodiversity and diverse number of unique wildlife. It is one of the most bio diverse areas on the planet, the park is home to an abundance of animals found nowhere else on earth…,it is unmatchable for bird lovers… In 1990 famed birder Ted Parker spent 14 days on a six-kilometer trail in the park and during that time was able to spot a record number of 403 different species of bird. This park is located in the upper amazon river basin in Bolivia, can be reached from Rurrenabaque in Beni (
Note our Wood Owl’s similarity to the short-eared owl. This Wood Owl was made in Santa Cruz. We have two kinds, one is facing to the right, and the other is facing to the left. Short Eared OwlWood Owl/Buho de Madera

Wood Owl/ Buho de Madera

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